Top Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Luxurious, unforgettable, and glamorous, vintage-style rings are as popular today as when they were modern. If you’ve been dreaming of wearing an antique-inspired engagement ring since the day you met the partner of your dreams, then it’s time to explore all the gorgeous designs that are available.

Vintage rings span a broad range of eras, though the most sought after tend to come from the 1920s and earlier. Art Deco rings are from the ‘20s, and they’re known for brightly colored gemstones and geometric settings. Victorian and Edwardian rings, separated by about 20 years, span the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, and they typically feature lots of diamonds (often smaller in size) and ornate designs. Jewelers have been busy crafting a variety of engagement rings inspired by these enchanting periods, including one of the most popular: princess cut engagement rings. As a result, you can often find elements of each in the latest pieces. The following is a selection of some of the best examples of this old-is-new-again trend.

Setting the Stones in a Cathedral Setting

cathedralIt’s easy to add another level of elegance to an engagement ring by setting the stones in a cathedral setting. This type of setting is elevated so you can see beneath the stones and above the band, creating a little throughway. Some jewelers further embellish this style with peek-a-boo bonus diamonds on the bottom of the mount, or, in the case of multi-stone rings, set the gems at different levels to add intrigue and beauty. Consider combining three princess cut diamonds, two in accent sizes and one larger in the middle, for a profoundly alluring design.

Engraved Band is Not Engraving

An engraved band is different from an engraving. An engagement ring that features an engraved band has elaborate carvings worked into the metal. Some fine jewelers develop exclusive patterns that shine almost as brightly as the diamonds set into the circlet. Many vintage rings relied more heavily on ornamentation, such as an engraving, than on over-sized gemstones, and selecting an antique-inspired ring with similar decoration can instantly enhance your piece of jewelry without adding much expense. Plus, it also singles out your style as timeless and tasteful.

Multi-Stone engagement rings

Acknowledging the past, present, and future, three-stone and multi-stone engagement rings can thank not only their symbolism for their popularity but also their increased sparkle. Round brilliant and princess cut engagement rings are the most commonly preferred in this category, but nearly any diamond shape can be set. Furthermore, you can mix and match the gem shapes (and gem types), or place three (or more) of a kind upon one mount. Though not the case for many modern versions of vintage rings, if you’re looking for a piece that has that old-fashioned feel you should opt for an engagement ring with many smaller stones.

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The Designers Of Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Getting to choose a good maternity bridesmaid is not really that difficult. It is pretty much like choosing several close female friends from a large circle without necessarily considering the present state of the bride. However, when it comes to finding the most appropriate maternity bridesmaid dress, the process may not be that easy as a number of things have to be taken into account. Typically, designing maternity bridesmaid dresses often has to consider factors like how the dress can effectively complement the bridal gown.

In other words, getting to choose a suitable dress for the maternity bridesmaid is something that has to be carefully planned. Often, the services of wedding dress designers have to be considered in this case, not only to prepare the maternity bridesmaid dress, but the bridal attire as well.

bridesmaids-5A good number of designers specialize in wedding gowns, but it usually takes a true professional to succeed in making a maternity wedding dress. This is because maternity wedding dresses are unlike the standard matrimonial attire as it has to consider the present physiological condition that the bride-to-be is in.

For this reason, designers like Alfred Sung, Bill Levkoff, and even Bary Jay usually have to be brought into the wedding plan picture. These are the designers who can conveniently come up with a wedding dress that may be a bit different but can still come off as elegant and timeless.

A maternity wedding dress is one project that not all designers are able to effectively complete. Bill Levkoff, however, has proven himself to be generally competent in this particular field. The so-called Bill Levkoff wedding collection presents a wide array of wedding attire ranging from the strictly formal wedding dresses to the more fashion-oriented wedding wardrobe preferred by modern-day couples.

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